30 Mile Race Rules



30 Mile Race Rules


A. Conditions of Entry


1. Drivers and Conditions of Entry

Each driver agrees to hold Eagle Lake Chamber of Commerce, Eagle Lake 30 Race Committee, race sponsors and other contributors, and all race volunteers harmless from any claim, demand, or injury based on any alleged action or inaction by the driver, his/her dogs, agents, or others acting in his/her behalf.


Before participating in the Eagle Lake 30 race, each driver must agree to the foregoing by signing all documents required by the Race Committee.  Documents must be signed at the time of registration.


Due to the limited number of teams the Eagle Lake 30 race can accommodate in order to run a safe and effective race, entry will be limited to the first 25 teams who submit completed entries.


Only registrants with completed entry packets will be considered registered for the purpose of this count.  Please make sure to include all required materials when registering for the race.  Materials include:


            Entry form

            Musher profile

            Entry fee

            Parent/guardian waiver if applicable


A musher must be at least 18 years old to compete in the Eagle Lake 30 unless a waiver is obtained.  Application must include years of experience and written consent from a parent or guardian. There is no required race experience needed to run this race.  Apply for “parent/guardian” form (found online) and send to:


Holly Dionne

26 Newton Ave

Caribou, ME 04736


Entry opens September 15, 2017.  Entries will accumulate with postmarks or online entry forms after September 15, and will be sorted by date, then and randomly drawn by date, until we have filled our race roster. If a race has a full complement of 25 confirmed entries, then additional applicants may request to be put on a waiting list. Those on the waiting list are required to provide the same payment, documents, and proofs of qualification as the confirmed entries. However, checks will not be cashed and credit cards will not be charged until the applicant becomes a confirmed entry.


If a confirmed entry withdraws, then the first driver on the waiting list will immediately be confirmed as entry number 25, and his/her check will be cashed or credit card will be charged.


It is the responsibility of the driver to inform Eagle Lake Sled Dog Committee immediately if he/she wishes to withdraw from the waiting list or the confirmed list.   Entry fee is $100 in US funds until November 15, 2017. After November 15, 2017, the entry fee increases to $135 in US funds.  Make Checks payable to Eagle Lake Sled Dog Races.

   Entries will be listed on website and bib draw will take place on January 12, 2018 at drivers meeting.


MAIL entries to:

            Holly Dionne

26 Newton Ave

Caribou, ME 04736


No refunds after November 15, 2017.

However, in the event this race is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, entry fees will be refunded minus $25 for handling and race preparation costs.

Registration deadline is 7:00 p.m. on January 5, 2018.  ALL TEAMS EXPECTING TO COMPETE MUST             CHECK IN AT THE DRIVERS MEETING BEFORE THIS DEADLINE OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE             WITHDRAWN.  Drivers unable to attend the MANDATORY Driver’s Meeting may be excused at the discretion         of race officials.  Notification of inability to attend drivers meeting MUST be made to Holly Dionne at             (207)728-3044 before 3:00 p.m. on Friday, January 12, 2018, OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE WITHDRAWN.


LATE ENTRIES:  In the event there remain openings in the race roster after 7:00 p.m. on Friday, January 12, 2018, race officials MAY allow entries until the start of the race.  Start positions of LATE ENTRIES will be in order of receipt of completed entry packet and at the end of the field of entries.  ANY LATE ENTRY ALLOWANCE   is at the discretion of race officials only.




The Eagle Lake 30 Race Committee reserves the right to reject any entry and may honor the censures of another sled dog racing organization.


Receipt of the entry fee, musher profile, and completed entry form will confirm that the musher intends to enter the race and agrees to comply with all race rules.


The Race Committee will provide each driver with an official bib or vest which displays his/her start number.  A $25 deposit will be required.  For safety and to ensure correct identification at crossings and checkpoint, the driver, should wear the bib/vest throughout the race.  Bib numbers will be assigned based on entry postmark date; ties will be broken by random draw by the race committee.


Any driver who cannot leave the start line as scheduled will be rotated to the end of the starting lineup, but the driver’s recorded start time shall remain unchanged.  Be prepared to start as scheduled to avoid lost time.


Upon approval by the Race Marshall, substitution of qualified drivers may be made until one hour before the race starts.


The driver starting the race shall drive the team throughout the race.


All winners must attend the awards ceremony to receive their prize money.  Exceptions made for medical emergency only.


2.  Dogs

All dogs must be available for physical examinations before the start of the race.  Drivers must start the race with not less than 6 dogs and not more than 8 dogs.  Drivers must finish the race with the number of dogs they started with either on the gang line or in the sled.



No drugs or other artificial means may be used to drive a dog beyond its natural ability.  A vet may randomly collect and test blood and urine samples at any time during the race to determine the presence of prohibited drugs.  It will be the driver’s responsibility to assist the vet in collection of these samples.  BEFORE the start of the race, the vets must be notified of any dog receiving prescribed medications.


The following drugs are permitted:

·         Topical medications (except DMSO)

·         Dewormers

·         Antibiotics (except procaine penicillin)

·         Oestrus suppressants (such as Ovaban or Cheque Drops) without analgesic or stimulative properties

·         Oral food supplements (such as Glycoflex, Cosequin, etc.) with solely nutritive properties


All other drugs are prohibited.


All dogs will be marked before leaving the starting line.


At the pre-race check, any dog, which in the opinion of the examining vet should not run the race, shall not run the race.  All dogs entered in the race must be current on DHPP, leptospirosis, and rabies vaccinations.  It is suggested, but not required, that dogs be current on Bordetella, the vaccine to protect against kennel cough virus.  Vaccinations must be given at least 10 days prior to the day of the race start and proof of all vaccinations must be provided. 


Please bring the COMPLETED vaccination form and proof of vaccinations to the pre race check.


Drivers are expected to pay extraordinary veterinary expenses they accrue during the race, including all costs related to emergency evacuation of dogs for veterinary care.  Prize money will be awarded minus any unpaid veterinary expenses incurred by the driver.


Treatment of dogs


Whips of any kind or the use of brush, branches or any object as a whip or to create a whip-like noise is expressly prohibited.


Cruel or inhumane treatment of dogs will result in the immediate expulsion of the driver.  The race committee, Race Marshall or judges in conjunction with a veterinarian will have absolute determination regarding the cruel or inhumane treatment of dogs.


Any dog that expires for any reason during the race shall be completely covered in a sled bag and taken to the next checkpoint official.  A necropsy will be performed at the driver’s expense.  The death of the dog may result in the disqualification of a driver.


B.  Race Marshal and Officials


The Race Marshal shall resolve disputes among drivers and interpret the race rules in regard to infractions and penalties.  He/she shall also have the authority to establish rules to cover special or unforeseen situations.  Race judges will act as deputies of the Race Marshall.


C.  Trail


1.  Race Course

Trails will be broken, groomed, and marked before the races.  However, due to weather, there is no guarantee of a broken trail during the race.


The Eagle Lake 30 Race trails are designed to minimize road crossings.  The race course may be re-routed as conditions require.  All teams must follow the trail as marked or as redirected by trail officials.


2.  Sportsmanship

The rigors of this race and the history of the sport require that each competitor be courteous, helpful and honorable to a degree that will inspire participants and hosts alike to a concern for the welfare of all.  Conduct yourself well enough that the next driver will be welcomed with equal hospitality.  Rude and/or inappropriate behavior by drivers or handlers may result in a penalty.


If a driver or his/her agent tampers with another’s dogs, food or gear, then the driver will be disqualified.


An overtaken driver and team must relinquish the trail at the request of the overtaking driver by stopping the team and staying there until the rival team has completely passed, except within one mile of the finish line.  The overtaken team must avoid “leapfrogging” by not passing the rival team for a minimum of 10 minutes or one mile.


Drivers resting or untangling dogs must clear the trail, making passage safe for other teams.


No litter of any kind shall be left on the trail.

Drivers must not litter the trail with food or other items with the deliberate or unintentional result of distracting following teams.  If the Race Marshall determines that a musher’s trail litter was detrimental to following teams a time penalty or disqualification will be imposed.


Any driver who uses ski poles must stop poling and place the poles in or on the sled whenever his/her team is within 100 feet (30 meters) of another team.  Failure to do so may result in a time penalty.


3.  Assistance

The spirit of this race dictates that drivers be self-sufficient.  Therefore drivers should not help each other except to ensure safety and animal welfare.  A driver will not be penalized for helping another driver whose safety is endangered or for helping to recover a lost team.


No assistance which would result in a competitive advantage may be solicited or accepted.


Between the checkpoint drivers may not accept assistance from any typed of motorized vehicle, except to recover a lost team.  Drivers are encouraged to solicit or accept any available help recovering a lost team.  However, if the Race Marshall determines that a musher has thereby gained a competitive advantage, the Marshall may impose an appropriate time penalty.


Pacing with snowmobiles is prohibited.


4.  Teams Tied Together

Two or more teams may not be tied together in any way, except to assist a driver in trouble at some immediate location.  The drivers of any teams so involved must notify race officials at the next checkpoint.


5.  Loose Dogs/Lost Teams

There will be no loose dogs.  All dogs will be either on the towline or in the sled.  Dogs hauled in the sled must be hauled in a protected, humane manner.  A driver must make immediate efforts to secure a dog which becomes loose.


A lost team will not be disqualified if the driver regains control, provided that the entire race course is covered by both team and driver.  A driver may accept help from another driver in recovering his/her team however, a time penalty may be imposed if the musher gained a competitive advantage.


6.  Switching Dogs

Dogs shall not be switched between teams after they have officially left the start line.


7.  Driver’s Report:  Rule Violations and Safety Problems

It is the duty of each driver to report trail safety problems and violations of these race rules in writing.  Such reports can be requested from and presented to a race judge at the checkpoint or finish.  The race judge will gather information and relay it to the Race Marshal for action.


Failure of a driver to comply with the race rules will result in disqualification or time penalty as assessed by the Race Marshall.


D.  Driver’s Meeting /Race Start


Pre race vet checks will be completed on Saturday January 13, 2018 from 7am to 9:30am.

A mandatory Driver’s Meeting will be held Friday, January 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at   Please bring vaccination records and bib deposits at this time.


Race start is scheduled for 11:00 on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at the start venue on Convent Road (no need to cross route 11).  Teams will leave the starting line at two-minute intervals.


Teams shall be present at the staging area by 9 AM to allow for inspection of gear by race officials. 


E.  Course and Checkpoint


The race course includes an approximate 30 mile trail from Eagle Lake towards Fish River Lake and back, including varied terrain such as forests, brooks, lakes and fields.  The race committee will use an over-land trail whenever possible and will minimize brook and lake crossings.


F.  Required Gear and Penalties:


All dogs shall be harnessed in single or double file.  All harnesses shall be padded around the neck and chest areas.  Reflective tape is required on harnesses.


Ganglines may be cable, cable core, or any synthetic or natural material, but chains are not allowed.  If cable ganglines are used, the driver must have cable cutters easily accessible.


At least four booties per dog are required at the race start.


Each driver must have the following items in possession at all times if not the following penalties will be assessed:


A sled capable of accommodating injured or fatigued dogs as well as the required food, materials and equipment.  Spare parts such as runners are the responsibility of the driver.  The sled shall be equipped with an adequate brake, brushbow, snowhook and snubline.  That same sled must be used throughout the race unless it becomes defective.  With the Race Marshall’s permission, defective equipment may be replaced.

A bag capable of safely restraining a struggling dog and, if necessary, covering a severely injured or expired dog.  Any expired dog shall be completely covered.

Knife (kept easily accessible) 10 minute penalty

Adequate first aid kit.  10 minute penalty

Working Headlamp10 minute Penalty

Emergency flares or pocket mirror.  5 minute penalty

Fire starting material 10 minute penalty

One day supply of emergency food for driver and dogs; dog food calculated at 1 lb. per dog.  If a dog is dropped, its supply of emergency food may also be dropped.  5 minutes per lb. penalty

Cable Cutters (if cable ganglines are present)  10 minute penalty

Sleeping Bag (10minute penalty)



G.  Withdrawal from the race

Drivers may withdraw from the race at road crossings but must fill out and sign an official race withdrawal form at the start or finish.


I.  Prize Money     Total Purse = $2000.00May increase before event.


J.  Awards Ceremony


An awards banquet will take place on Sunday, January 14, 2018, location to be announced.  Awards presentation will begin at 10:30 a.m.  Drivers must be present at the awards ceremony to receive any prizes, awards, and purse checks.


Questions and other requests for information can be directed to:

Holly Dionne

26 Newton Ave

Caribou, ME 04736